Preparing for emigrating to the United States of America.

Well deserved certificates!

Last year, June 2020, she and her husband and one of her sons, Jotam, were ready to emigrate to Michigan in America, until Corona made it impossible to go to the USA. 

However, the preparations that the family had made continued and a lot of effort was put into going to the American Embassy in the Hague, writing letters, making long phone calls in order to finally make it possible to emigrate to the USA. Annekes’ husband already has a job there.

Since February 2020, Anneke has started taking English lessons together with her son Jotam. The aim was to improve and increase English speaking, listening, and writing skills (especially understanding grammar for which we used an additional Advanced English grammar book) so that they can express themselves well in America. With intermediate secondary education for Anneke (years ago) and VMBO-T for Jotam, they both felt that this wouldn’t be sufficient to get by in the USA. Although Anneke mainly spoke English during her 3-year stay in Israel, 23 years ago, Dutch has remained her native language.

She had found WINNISH, Noordgouwe on the Internet via Google. Before she and her son started the course, they were first tested by WINNISH at what level they were at that point. That turned out to be on the same level for both: “Pre-Intermediate level” (CEFR A2+) Mother and son now received since February 2020 duo lessons together at Winny's home or at the Pronk family's home.

Every week, except during the holidays, they received 1.5 hours of lessons in which they were guided to a higher level.

Speaking skills are trained by dealing with situations from daily life during lessons. In short, everything is very practical and ready to use when they will be living in America! Besides reading and role-play exercises during the lessons, English writing was taught and lifted up to the next level. They practiced writing letters and essays. Through these many exercises, first the Intermediate (B1) and then they started on  Advanced level (B2) was reached last June. They took their examinations on the Intermediate level.

We all were happy when they both passed their exams with a very good result: Distinguished!

They both scored higher than 90 percent and I congratulate Anneke and Jotam for being such devoted, persevering, and motivated students of English!

Hopefully, they will fly to the USA soon to build up their new life there.

I wish you all the best Anneke en Jotam and it was a delight to work together with the two of you!