Februari 2021: PIE for Winnish!

In Februari 202, Winnish received the PIE award from Anglia Education Group!

In februari 2021 ontving ik de maandelijkse PIE award uit handen van Anglia Education Group!

Dit is een erkenning van het feit dat Anglia en WINNISH naar alle tevredenheid Partners In English (PIE) zijn.

Ik ben de eerste (externe) partner die gebruik maakt van het online platform en dit resulteerde in februari in een toename van 100 gebruikers via WINNISH die een account hebben gekregen voor the digital classroom!

Een prestatie waar we beiden erg blij mee zijn!

PIE for.. Winny (Winnish for Better English)

Traditionally, Anglia has always been an in-school activity. Lately, various independent teachers have joined our network. They use our exams as a qualitative completion of their courses. It gives their company a proof of quality and a lot of publicity. One of the teachers we have been working with for years, is Winny de Ruiter, owner of "Winnish''.

Winny teaches to various students, individual learners and groups of students and professionals, using our Step To books, Gereral English and Business English exams and Speaking Tests. Last year, she also became an Anglia Speaking Test Assessor.

We are very proud that our cooperation with Winny has expanded; she is now the first teacher who uses the Online Classroom on our Platform for her own courses. This gives her the possibility to expand her company and continue giving classes in times of Covid, using her own materials and content. This month, over 100 Winnish students have been given access to our platform. Our February PIE is for you Winny!

Statement by Winny:
Since 2018, I have been building my own company: “WINNISH” as an independent entrepreneur. I am happy to announce that I was permitted as one of the moderators of the Anglia Online Platform in January this year!

This agreement is defined as a lease agreement and I experience working with this open-source application as accessible and user friendly. The users of this platform, when attending my lessons, only have entrance by means of an account that has been created by Anglia. So it's a secured digital classroom.

In this platform, I can share my presentations and my own content. Even instruction films, via YouTube for example, can be shared within this classroom. In break-out rooms, I found the possibility to divide the class into smaller groups where they can debate about a specific topic for example and share their findings when they return to the plenary meeting. Sander and Arnold introduced this platform to me in a clear way and it’s a great pleasure to work with it.
There is still a lot more to explore!
In conclusion; I am happy with Anglia’s partnership and the delicious PIE they sent me was a tasty treat!