Fabienne shares her personal story about her eating disorder.

Dealing with anorexia and overcome the disease.

In the past few weeks, I have supported Fabienne to help her develop her writing and speaking skills as a preparation for her English exams later this year. She has to give a presentation about her own chosen subject to an Examination Committee.

In order to speak more freely, she wrote her personal story about her eating disorder anorexia and presented this to me last Tuesday in her study room.

It hit me in my heart and I asked her for her permission to share it on my website.

She agreed with that because of the following reason:

Her story might help other people who suffer from anoxia themselves or have someone in their family or circle of friends or other relationships who are in the same trouble.

She explains very clearly how this disease can develop and gain ground in your mind.

BUT: thanks to her positive mindset, her loving and faithful family and a fairly new therapy that worked out very well for her, she has overcome this potentially deadly disease and I am grateful for that!

She has become a strong lady.