Certificate festively presented to participant, OMODA employee Wouthera.

ERK Certificate for Wouthera, employee of OMODA Zierikzee.

Yesterday, the first Omoda employee that took the General English course at Winnish received her well-deserved ERK certificate!

I respect this lady because she made a major effort to ensure she improved the needed skills to reach the next level and pass her ESOL international exam with a very good result.
When we had our online meetings, she had to take care of her young children, aged 3 and 4.
The oldest one she had to pick up from school earlier on one of the days when we had our lessons because he had a running nose and couldn't be in school.
She had two roles at the same time: being a mum and being a student. Two young children running around her and her trying to be focused on what was being explained to her about grammatical tenses, parts of speech, sentence structure, writing essays, etc.
But she managed to do so and made some extra homework when she hadn't understood it all and needed more time to comprehend.

And now: the time had come to harvest the seeds that she had planted!

She really wants to further develop the English skills she told me.
I will be happy to help her with that.

She received her English certificate, the Winnish notebook, designed by YourSurprise, and really yummy chocolate! Congratulations lady!
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