Business English for YourSurprise employee Jan-Willem.

Business English training for Jan-Willem.

This week, I've started a new Business English course with Jan-Willem who works at the purchasing department of YourSurprise, Zierikzee.

I had been looking for a new Business English method for quite a few months and with the help of a very kind Educasent employee, I found the training I was looking for: Business Result!

All of the topics are Business related, like products and services, customer service, orders, selling, but also the environment and future trends.

Jan-Willem and I communicate in English in real-life situations. By doing so, he gains more confidence in speaking English in a work-related context. 

YourSurprise is a company that produces personalized gifts. In the last few years, it has been staffed with many different nationalities and in this company, they are increasingly using English as the language of internal communication.

Jan-Willem practices in situations that take place within an organization like giving a report, making arrangements, and taking part in meetings.

He felt the need to communicate more effectively in English in his line of work and is really motivated to reach his goals!

After doing his placement test, he started on the next level and trains with the vocabulary and sentences that are relevant within his function in this company.

At home, he makes the online modules included in this training.

We meet 3 times a week so he'll be developing his English skills at a steady pace!