Anglia course given at my own primary school: Koelmanschool Goes!


Today was the last day of the Anglia course that I gave on the Koelmanschool in Goes.

We worked through Preliminary level A1 in order to provide the best possible opportunity to progress to secondary education.

What was so special about this course:

I spent my childhood on this very school in the seventies and had a lovely time there!

Feeling safe, playful and liked by my classmates and a few teachers 😎.

We used to play wonderful games at the schoolyard; remember: “meidenvangertje” springtouwen, knikkeren, hinkelen, landverovertje ?!

On the black-and white photo you can see me as a 7-year-old holding a baby.

Can you imagine: this baby is the father of one of the girls on the picture!

I am that old 😬🤣🤣

The baby is the younger brother of two of my classmates at the time and the 11-year-old girl that I had in my Anglia course last weeks, told me about this picture.

A few hours later, I received it via Whattsapp..


Teacher Heleen of this group really supported me in my lessons and is happy that her pupils made a big step forward in their understanding of the grammar basics of the English language.

It was pleasant teamwork!👌🏼